Official Florist of Biggest Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWs) Yr 2016 - 2018

Blissful Bride's Editor's Choice Award Winner Yr 2016/ 2018 Best Wedding Essentials

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ROM / Solemnization Package 1 - $588 nett

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ROM / Solemnization Package 2 - $788 nett

Every confirmed packages booked for Weekend setup - Additional 10% off (till end Oct 2022)

'Cuz we believe flowers should be affordable'

With the same winning formula, we are gunning down oblivious Bridal owners who charge unsuspecting customers on cloud nine feeling the marriage bliss exorbitant prices just to rent a Bridal gown and photography of which would be sourced out eventually. Our expansion into the Bridal scene has made an impact where the total costs are as comparable to a standard photography package, we were told by Multi-level Marketing Companies to revise costs to be on par with other Bridal merchants so as not to cause animosity. WE just wouldn’t listen.

Bridal Florist

Singapore Florist Delivery, Valentina’s Flowers & Gifts was the official Florist for B.O.W.S wedding show in June 2016 at Tan Quee Lan Street, Singapore. Shortly after captivating clients, we won the Editors Choice Awards from Blissful Brides Magazine and was featured in the August 2016 issue; for Most Preferred Wedding Essentials, also featured in Blissful Brides January 2017’s issue with the cover of Glen Ong & Jean Danker; showcasing Spring floral collection photo shoot. Winning the award against florists in Singapore both online and onsite is not rocket science for us. Cost, quantity and quality were the criteria to win this award.Besides awards and Shows,  she is setting her sights in Wedding Floral Décor as Valentina’s Flowers & Gifts was recently featured in “Brides Story SG”. The next chapter into the Bridal scene is being cynically watched by industry players, who have failed to foresee.

We listen...

When you deal with Valentina’s Flowers & Gifts, you are ensured to be dealing with the right person who wouldn’t be taking down your message instead like other florists but will be working at it right away instead. Valentina’s Flowers and Gifts offers fresh, beautiful and affordable flowers right to your doorstep and most importantly – at any time of the day! Do call and speak with us, we know the exact feeling of walking down the Aisle and saying I do, to pouring of champagne to toast as well as the hang-over.  Alas, the photography of the couple at the end of the day will be seen by all as a beautiful couple with full smiles and the bridal bouquet she holds with be the outstanding sight, so please go light on the carat.