As we move forward into the world of online shopping it is only with a heavy heart that we swipe that card not knowing if the business is legit, and businesses with a shop no doubt trustworthily; will have high overheads that will be forced to be biting into the consumers pockets; that’s you.

At Valentina’s Flowers & Gifts, we strive to give you the best cost savings that would sound rather dubious at first especially with out no GST policy, as we have been with the notion that flowers are expensive all our life. Operating from a humble shopping mall in Thomson V Two is where half the war is won over our pricing, bringing the ending costs to you at a fraction as compared to other retailers.

We provide 24 Hrs Delivery service, which means we can be contacted 24 hours round the clock to hear and advise on the floral needs, and to provide and deliver with a few hours of notice. Please do support us, as the saying goes: Supporting your locally run Family business would mean helping the children enrol into extra violin classes, bring food to the table, and a decent present for Christmas, supporting a large corporation would mean helping the CEO buy his third holiday home.