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Singapore Wedding

What does it take to be the Official Florist of BOWS, Singapore outdoor wedding show?


With an array of florist in Singapore, from Bespoke designers who only deal with minimum budget to Facebook teenage florists without a company, the choice is not scarce. Also not forgetting florists who are shop owners without webpage to florists with webpage but without a shop. Okay, so what defines and determines if a florist is of a certain caliber other than the Portfolio he carries? Cost, flexibility, charisma, and honesty; why these qualities when it’s only flowers you may ask.
It’s your big day in 2 weeks time and your in-house florist at the famous hotel has finally contacted you to say that according to your budget, you will be having roses on all table as arrangements; but what they didn’t tell you is that each arrangement will consist of 2 stalks of roses and 2 grams of baby breath. And any additional will cost you an arm and a leg, needless to say the advertising of the venue that you saw showcased someone’s wedding where he had spent 12 thousand on flowers alone, which you assumed you would be getting as well. Sales representatives will never be honest, in any industry. The florist will also not cater to your interests if you request for example all the side and back tables to be without flowers so you can focus all of them on the front where the photo taking will be; rest assured they will not be flexible as the additional costs goes into their pockets thus making it a ugly as possible for you to top up for the extras. Singapore Wedding
And after forking out so much for the venue, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to liaise with some florist’s assistant who cannot adhere to your requests but says “Err.. I check with my boss first if can or not”. No prizes for guessing at the end of the day if can or not. At Valentina’s Flowers & Gifts, you will be speaking with Valentina herself, floral works will be ensured with the highest level of articulateness and not with
the part-time florists who is rushing to knock off.
Don’t regret looking at your wedding photos down the road only to realize that the altarpiece has only 8 stalks of roses. #truestory #Singapore Wedding